Test językowy - angielski

Poniższy test pomoże wybrać odpowiedni dla Ciebie poziom kursu języka angielskiego SITA.

Proszę wybierz jedną z odpowiedzi A, B, C lub D tak, aby zdanie było poprawne znaczeniowo i gramatycznie.
1.  How __________ you?
A. do
B. can
C. are
D. goes
16.  __________ you been at this college for long?
A. Did
B. Where
C. Have
D. Has
2.  __________ is he from?
A. Who
B. Where
C. When
D. What
17.  __________ you compare the different styles of reporting, you'll soon find out that there is more than one side to the coin.
A. Whether
B. If
C. While
D. As
3.  What are you __________ right now?
A. doing
B. do
C. then
D. up
18.  We try to keep __________ with the latest technology.
A. up
B. on
C. in
D. left
4.  Where __________ they live?
A. like
B. intend
C. want
D. do
19.  The man __________ wrote that article was a scientist.
A. whose
B. whom
C. which
D. who
5.  He usually __________ work at seven o'clock.
A. starting
B. start
C. is starting
D. starts
20.  When I was __________ for a job, I bought a newspaper and looked through the wanted adds.
A. search
B. looking
C. sought
D. missing
6.  What would you __________ to eat, Madam?
A. can
B. like
C. ready
D. enjoy
21.  We've discussed this problem and __________ to the conclusion that we do not want to be equipped with weapons.
A. come
B. arrived
C. landed
D. gone
7.  __________ "London Express" is now arriving at Platform six.
A. Any
B. Some
C. The
D. A
22.  __________ you see that programme on televison last night?
A. Do
B. Have
C. Must
D. Did
8.  I want __________ buy a suitcase.
A. too
B. to
C. there
D. really
23.  The effects of pollution are __________ great that we really don't know how to fight it.
A. such a
B. too
C. so
D. enough
9.  It's only ten minutes from here __________ foot.
A. on
B. by
C. with
D. walk
24.  Serious efforts __________ made to correct the mistakes of the past.
A. is
B. were
C. can
D. are going to
10.  If I meet him, I __________ tell him that his car is broken.
A. have
B. would like
C. 'll
D. going to
25.  You've seen quite a bit of England, __________ you?
A. aren't
B. haven't
C. hadn't
D. didn't
11.  How __________ is the rent for the house?
A. many
B. big
C. great
D. much
26.  Many parts of the castle have __________ restored.
A. been able to
B. to
C. need to
D. been
12.  Where __________ you spend your last holiday?
A. where
B. did
C. wanted
D. went
27.  He had to give __________ the flat because he had lost his job.
A. up
B. off
C. in
D. on
13.  When the weather was not too hot, we __________ tennis.
A. are playing
B. were played
C. played
D. will play
28.  Tell me, how does he __________ along with his roommate?
A. bring
B. cut
C. get
D. zip
14.  In summer, the days are __________ than in winter.
A. longer
B. more longer
C. the longest
D. most longest
29.  The landlord doesn't __________ the tenants to keep dogs in this building.
A. have
B. allow
C. stand
D. let
15.  Can you recommend __________ good hotel?
A. so
B. an
C. such
D. a
30.  __________ I saw you last time, I have been looking for a new flat.
A. while
B. as
C. since
D. therefore



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